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New Product Release           

Makes Genome Editing Design Easy & Fast!


GemomeEditor 2.0, an innovative bioinformtic software specifically developed for gene editing design.  Assist you to design a wide variety of gene editing projects enabled by ZNF, Talen and CRISPR technologies.



        • Comprehensive:  design single or few nucleotide change, tag insertion, Knockout/knockin, etc.
        • Total solution:  design gRNA cloning, donor vector, PCR primers for surveying results
        • Flexible:   design gene editing in any part of the gene, any coding position, any exon or intron
        • Efficient:  design an entire project in few minutes


         Here are some frequently encountered questions in a typical genome editing design: how to download a desired genomic sequence, how to find the right region to design a guide RNA, how to design a homologous repairing donor construct, and finally how to design a primer pair to survey gene editing results. Without a proper tool, a designing process may take hours if not days.


        To meet these needs, GeneHarbor Inc. has devoted its resource to develop GenomeEditor 2.0, a tool specifically designed to solve the problems mentioned above. With it, you can navigate through the genomic sequence of a gene freely. You can quickly retrieve any sequence flanking the focal point of a gene editing without worrying about its coding orientation in the chromosome. You can easily select any particular amino acid residue location, and any exon or intron position as your focal point. You can even download any entire exon or intron sequence by a simple click. The software is easy-to use and robust. It can save your tremendous time and reduce human errors, therefore speedup your research. We are very confident that it will be a great tool for your research.

            Contig #: NC_018918.2


EGFR gene structure deciphered by using GenomeEditor 2.0

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