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GeneLooper Manual

GeneLooper_manual.pdf 1.6MB May 26, 2016 6:25 PM


The best tool to handle batch-downloaded sequences

1. No need for programming,    

     just click

2. Detect the ORF of thousands 

     of sequences

3. Thousand to thousand

     sequence alignment search

4. Design thousands of PCR


5. Detect restriction sites of

    thousands of sequences

6.  Much more……


Genelooper 3.0

GeneLooper 3.0 is a powerful multi-functional software for nucleotide sequence analysis. Each function was meticulously designed to be useful in your daily work.  It can analyze single and multiple sequences.



    1. Comprehensive - a large collection of single- and multi-sequence utilities

    2. Easy to setup - no complicated databases, only use a simple sequence format

    3. User Friendly- no programming ability required, especially suitable for molecular biologists who do not have time to learn programming, but need to deal with a large number of sequences

    4. Convenient and practical - instant and biologically meaningful data reports in a spreadsheet

    5. Low cost