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Genome Editing Design
Video Protocol

  1. CRISPR-Knockout/Knockin

  2. CRISPR-Short Tag Insertion

  3. CRISPR-Point Mutation


Design Features

1. gRNA selection and oligos

    for cloning

2. Donor cassette for

    Homologous repair

3. PCR primer pairs for

    surveying results

4. Download sequence with

     coding annotation

5. Design high quality qPCR




GenomeEditor 2.0 Demo (PPT)

GenomeEditor_2.0_demo.pps 6.8MB

GenomeEditor 2.0

Convenient Features:

A target transcript is completely mapped to its source contig. Any region of the gene can be precisely downloaded (any amino acid coding position, any exon or intron location). Pre-defined, frequently used sequences for genome editing design can be selected from Genomic Piece menu. A collection of useful sequences (report, tag, promoter, etc.) can be retrieved through Building Unit menu. Many restriction sites are ready to be selected from Restriction list. Codon usage tables (Human, mouse, rat) are ready for reference. Nucleotide sequence in the editing box is instantly translated to peptide sequence.

GenomeEditor 2.0 - Gene Editing Design Form